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Cephadm: Good bye ceph-deploy

As you probably may know, ceph-deploy, the beloved deployment utility for CEPH, is no longer maintained. Cephadm is the new tool/package to deploy CEPH clusters. CERN has a pretty good intro PDF to it.  Cephadm includes many nice features including the ability to adopt running CEPH clusters. Two quick notes that’ll save you some time Read More

Migrating VMs with attached RBDs

From the title, this is obviously a very common scenario that you may want to do. One thing that we rarely think about though is “backends” for the attached volumes when we create volumes. When you create a volume, the volume is created on a cinder backend and kept attached to this backend until it’s Read More

Busy Cinder volumes & Ceph

If you run into an issue where a Cinder volume you attached to a VM can not be deleted even after detaching it from the VM, and when you look into the logs you find something like ERROR cinder.volume.manager ……. Unable to delete busy volume. or WARNING cinder.volume.drivers.rbd ……… ImageBusy error raised while deleting rbd Read More