Hi there ! As-salamu alaykum ! , Welcome to my blog.  I am an open-source enthusiast & firm believer in Cloud Computing as you can probably tell. Below you can find a little bit about me and my previous and current involvements. I am always looking for opportunities to learn, grow and add value, so any thoughts, feedback, corrections or collaboration opportunities are more than welcome, feel free to drop me a line !

Technical Talks:
Awards and Scholarships:
  • Best Research Achievements Award, the CDS-Engineering Group , Awarded 2010
  • Graduate Student Teaching Award Nominee, Western University , 2010
  • Western Graduate Research Scholarship, Western University ,
  • Corporate N.O.T.T Award. Autodata Solutions – Nominee 2013 & Awarded 2015
  • 1st Position Nationally in Electronics, Alexandria University Science Club Team ,  2005 (Team Award)
  • 3rd Position Nationally in Programming, Alexandria University Science Club Team, 2007 (Team Award)


The opinions and articles in this blog are personal opinions of my own and are neither related to, nor endorsed by, any of my current or former employers