About me

Hi there ! As-salamu alaykum ! , Welcome to my blog.  I am an open-source enthusiast & firm believer in Cloud Computing as you can probably tell. I received my M.E.Sc. in Electrical & Computer Engineering from Western University in London, ON, Canada and my B.Sc. from Alexandria University in Egypt.

I am particularly interested in NFV Performance and how high performance task-sets can run in the Cloud. And although I am involved on a daily basis with different aspects of High Performance Computing including network infrastructure, I am still amazed by how fast packets travel across the globe nowadays.

In this blog, you will find tips and tutorials on subjects that I find interesting. If you feel something needs to be added, feel free to drop me a line.

And obviously….

The opinions and articles in this blog are personal opinions of my own and are neither related to, nor endorsed by, any of my current or former employers