Openstack UC and TC to Unite!

This coming month marks the last running session of the Openstack User Committee. Over the years, the OpenStack community has grown with many operators being directly involved in the development lifecycle. In efforts to cope with such change, we needed to adjust the governance model to remove the barriers between the governing bodies, and in turn enabling more involvement from operators in the various projects. Thus, starting on August 1st,  the UC will unite with TC to be a single governance body under TC.

I am honored to have been part of the UC and to have served as the chair in its last round. I’d like to thank all current and past UC members for their efforts that together have supported the Openstack user community over the past years. I’d like also to thank the user community for entrusting the UC and supporting its mission in serving and representing all Openstack users. I’m confident that the united body will do a great job and continue to provide a strong representation of the user community and serve its needs.

So long UC, and thanks for all the fish !

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